Say Goodbye To Lingering Numbness From Anesthesia

If you are like so many patients, the lingering numbness of local anesthesia is something you have become used to but never comfortable with. It is not easy getting on with your day when part of you is still not feeling normal.

The average duration of soft tissue numbness following the use of a local dental anesthetic is 3-5 hour. OraVerse is the first and only product of its kind to rapidly reverse the effects of your local dental anesthetic. OraVerse is scientifically proven to accelerate the return of normal sensation and function following routine dental procedures. So now you can feel, speak, smile, and drink normally in approximately half the time.

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Be More Productive After Your Appointment

The same drug used in OraVerse has been utilized in other medical applications a nice picture looking up at a family of three from below for the past 50 years. And now the safety and effectiveness of OraVerse has been successfully demonstrated for dental application use through clinical trials involving pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.

Now when you leave the dental office, OraVerse can go with you, moving you comfortable and confidently back into normal activity. And if you feel more like yourself, you are more productive.

We want you to have the most comfortable experience possible. It is a commitment that begins when you walk in the door and extends long after you leave. So if you are among the many patients who dislike lingering numbness and its limitations, let us discuss whether OraVerse is the right choice for you during your next dental visit.

Want a Straighter Smile?

Invisalign could be the answer!

Want a Straighter Smile?

Invisalign could be the answer!