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When all the teeth have to be removed, a full denture is made to replace them. It will either be a “conventional” or “immediate” denture.

A conventional denture is made after the teeth are extracted and the gums have had time to heal. This method makes the denture have a better initial fit. However, there is a period of time between the extractions and the delivery of the denture, so you will be without teeth for a time.

An immediate denture is made before the teeth are removed and is ready for delivery the same day the teeth are extracted. However, the bones and gums shrink after the extraction and while the area is healing which requires more adjustments to have a comfortable fit. When healing is complete the denture will need to be re-lined.

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Partial Dentures

A partial denture replaces a few missing teeth with the false teeth attached to a metal framework. Not only does a partial denture fill in the spaces created by missing teeth, it prevents other teeth from changing position. A precision partial denture is removable and has internal attachments rather than clasps that attach to the adjacent crowns.

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Want a Straighter Smile?

Invisalign could be the answer!

Want a Straighter Smile?

Invisalign could be the answer!