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Do you want to make your dental visits more relaxing and enjoyable? Are you nervous about sitting in a dental chair? Do you have difficulty getting numb or have a severe gag response? With nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, your next visit to the dentist can be a very pleasant experience. Depending upon your level of anxiety, nitrous oxide can be administrated alone or in combination with oral medication for the more nervous patient. There is no longer any reason to put off going to the dentist.

Patients who have benefited from nitrous oxide most often describe the feeling as being calm, unconcerned, happy, slightly numb and disconnected from what’s happening around them. Patients are still fully alert and because there are no long-lasting effects, you can safely drive after a dental appointment. Once in the dental chair you breathe the gas in through a small mask that covers your nose. It takes just a few minutes for you to notice the effects.

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