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image of teeth filled with mercury and silverimage of teeth filled with white composir/resinWe like composite/resin Fillings for their natural appearance and the near perfect color match we can get with your teeth. Composite Fillings also bond better to your teeth, helping to restore your tooth's natural strength. The use of silver/mercury Fillings has not been used for many years in our dental practice. It has been found that old silver Fillings darken the teeth, and act like a wedge in a tooth; often leading to tooth fractures.

Also, some people have concerns with mercury contamination. Our recommendation is when the old silver filling needs to be replaced it's a good time to replace all restorations in that arch. The difference between an arch with silver Fillings and an arch with white bonded filling replacements is remarkable! Your smile will immediately brighten up with the gray silver Fillings being removed. In this photograph the back two teeth used to be filled with dark silver-mercury Fillings and we replaced them with these beautiful bonded restorations.

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